7th Kup Grading Green Stripe to Green Belt

Line Work

  • Walking Stance - Backfist Side Strike
  • Rear Leg Turning Kick Landing in L Stance Knifehand Guarding Block
  • Walking Stance - Wedging Block
  • Rear Leg Side Kick Kanding in L Stand Forearm Guarding Block
  • Walking Stance Straight Fingertip Thrust

Three Step Sparring - Sambo Matsoki

Do San Tul

  • 24 Movement Pattern
  • Tests basic stances, blocks and Punches
  • Test transition from L Stance to Walking Stance
  • Starts and ends in the same place
  • Interpretation - Do San is named after the Patriot An Ch'And Ho who devoted his life to furthering the education of Korea and its independance movement.

Dan Gun Tul

  • 21 Movement Pattern
  • Tests transition between stances
  • Starts and ends in the same place
  • Interpretation - Dan Gun is named after the Holy Dan Gun, legendary Founder of Korea who established the country in 2333 BC.

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