8th Kup Grading Yellow to Green Stripe Belt

Line Work

  • Walking Stance - Twin Outer Forearm Block
  • Walking Stance - Front Snap Kick, Double Punch Combination
  • L Stance - Inward Moving Middle Block
  • L Stance - Turing Kick, Knife Hand Guarding Block
  • L Stance - Forearm Guarding Block

Three Step Sparring - Sambo Matsoki

Dan Gun Tul

  • 21 Movement Pattern
  • Tests transition between stances
  • Starts and ends in the same place
  • Interpretation - Dan Gun is named after the Holy Dan Gun, legendary Founder of Korea who established the country in 2333 BC.

Chon-Ji Tul

  • 19 Movement Pattern
  • Tests basic stances, blocks and Punches
  • Test transition from L Stance to Walking Stance
  • Starts and ends in the same place
  • Interpretation - Chon Ji means litarally "Heaven and Earth". In the Orient it is interpreted as the creation of the world, or the beginning of human history. Therefore it is the initial pattern performed by the beginner. The pattern consists of two similar parts- one represents JHeaven and the other Earth.

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